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Patricia Fabian is a brand and communications strategist and cross-media graphic designer with a strong background in digital and print design. She brings extensive creative marketing experience, dedication and
a solid creative philosophy to every project.

Friendly, outgoing business style that builds trust with clients. Reputable, ethical work practice with contagious enthusiasm and basic respect for others.

Lifelong learner who maintains a competitive edge through continuous education. Positive community member actively involved in networking and enrichment activities.

Her visual communication skills include photography, video production and editing, website management, SEO and UX design and testing

Creative leader and organized, critical thinker with the ability to simultaneously manage multiple priorities.

Proven business strategist, utilizing fresh approaches to build brand identity and grow market share.

Draws on innate business knowledge and assessment abilities to understand operations, targeted demographics, and implementation within prescribed budgetary guidelines.​

Excellent project manager drawn to problems requiring great detail and organization.

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